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Wanda launches 'Stable Earner No. 1-II' for subscription

Jul 02,2015

Meanwhile, the project's function of transfer has entered the phase of internal testing and is expected to be launched recently, which will enable investors to easily transfer their projects for circulation and realization.

Following its acquisition of 99Bill, Wanda is trying its hand at internet finance in the form of their crowdfunding project "Stable Earner No. 1", which was launched on June 12 and was sold out in a very short period of time, smashing a global crowdfunding record in the process. The funds of RMB5 billion raised began flowing into the construction of five Wanda Plazas.

According to insiders, "Stable Earner No. 1-II" will still be based on Wanda Plazas and will inject the funds to be raised directly into the construction of Wanda Plazas around China, while investors will obtain the right to yields from these plazas, hence enjoying dual return of shop rental and property appreciation at an anticipated annualized return of over 12%. "Stable Earner No. 1-II" will still be launched on 99Bill's platform jr.99bill.com and 99Bill wallet app for open subscription in a limited quota.

According to the analysis by market investment experts, as the project's function of transfer via the 99Bill platform is to be launched soon, the premium potential arising from project circulation will be released step by step. As for existing investors, they become the "owners" of Wanda Plazas at a cost price and enjoy an anticipated annualized return of at least 12%. As for interested investors who do not yet buy in, once the project is closed, they can take over the project only through the transfer platform. Low cost and high return plus scarcity will make premium transfer almost an inevitable choice, and the transfer price is expected to edge up continuously.

On the other hand, the sharp fluctuation in current Chinese stock market also spurs extensive investors to make adjustments to their individual asset allocation. High-return projects with long-term stability like "Stable Earner No. 1" are scarce products in the market, therefore their hot sale is a matter of course. Previously, according to Galaxy Securities' Chief Strategy Analyst Mr. Sun Jianbo, "from the perspective of the future flows of funds, fluctuation in stock market will be further intensified in the future, which will drive the funds with lower risk preference to flow from stock market. It is suggested that investors should diversify their individual asset allocation and re-move their capital to wealth management products with relatively lower risk, and now it is a right time to re-allocate individual assets."

From the perspective of Wanda, the advantage of "Stable Earner No. 1" lies in that directly injecting funds into the construction of "Wanda Plazas" is in line with Chinese government's strategic orientation for industrial development by encouraging funds to be invested into real economy and the current macro-backdrop of national economic transformation, consumption upgrading and urbanization. Wanda, as a global leader in commercial properties, boasts mature and professional competency and management experience in commercial properties, which provides a reliable guarantee for investors to gain continuous, stable high return. Particularly, Wanda's commercial properties maintain an average annual occupancy rate and rental collection rate of over 99% for many years, which is also a sufficient guarantee for a stable return to investors.